Op 31 Sonata 1 for cello and piano

‘for Christopher’ (1975)

Quasi recit.
Poco vivace
Quasi recit.
Vivace scherzando
(17 mins)

When , at the early workshop stage of a composition, Francis Routh and Christopher Bunting adopted a collaborative , empirical approach to the testing of ideas for a new work, and when this proved successful also at the final performance stage of a piece , such as the Sonata for solo Cello (1971), the door was immediately opened to further discoveries and projects using the same means : a cello concerto ( 1974) , a cello sonata (1975), setting up a performance partnership (1971). Throughout the three movements of Cello Sonata 1 both instruments are treated equally and share the same material. Only their relationship varies. The slow second movement forms a free connecting link between the two outer movements.Towards the end of the third scherzo movement, which has a slower central section like a Trio, the instruments come together in melodic and rhythmic unison.


First performance       10 November     1975   Germany (Wurzburg, Höchschule)
by Christopher Bunting, Francis Routh


Study score   ISMN M 708045 42

II Quasi recit. 2’ 47”
III Vivace scherzando 4’ 15”
Gillian Thoday (cello) Roger Vignoles (piano)