7. Towards a definition of tonality. A new aesthetic.

                 Who but the composer knows better what aesthetic discoveries and insights have gone into the creative impulse of his own compositions? What discipline but aesthetics, the science of music, can better explain the composer’s artistic principles to the listener? The creative purpose underlying a composer’s idiom are explained by informed contributors to what was a new label for British Music, British Musical Heritage, which has produced a total of 21 recordings as an adjunct to Redcliffe Concerts under the title Redcliffe Recordings. These are listed at Appendix A, together with the original programme notes (accessed by clicking on the CD image). These programme notes are intended to introduce a fresh generation of listeners to a new aesthetic in respect of each composer’s uniqueness.

Illustration 9
British Musical Heritage
Redcliffe Recordings
RR 001 – RR 021

Appendix A