The Well-Tempered Pianist Op 77


24 preludes on CD

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Performed by Charles Matthews

I     C major            Allegro                                     XIII    F sharp major Vivace

II    C minor            Allegro                                     XIV    F sharp minor Moderato

III   C sharp major  Andante                                   XV    G major           Andante

IV   C sharp minor  Andante                                   XVI   G minor           Andante

V    D major            Vivace                                      XVII  G sharp major Andantino

VI   D minor            Vivace                                      XVIII G sharp minor Allegro

VII  D sharp major  Sostenuto                                XIX    A major           Allegro spiritoso

VIII D sharp minor  Allegro moderato                     XX     A minor           Vivace

IX   E major            Vivace                                      XXI    A sharp major Vivace

X    E minor            Con moto                                 XXII   A sharp minor  Largo elegiaco

XI   F major            Andante                                   XXIII  B major             Alla Marcia

XII  F minor            Con moto                                 XXIV  B minor             Con brio

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