Op 32 Piano Concerto No 1

‘In honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee’     (32 mins)img019

Lively   –   –   timpani   –   strings

Piano Concerto 1 was composed to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977, a showpiece concerto , in classical three-movement structure . After an assertive, extrovert first movement, the slow middle movement is meditative, private, inward – looking. All three movements start from an identifying chord as the unifying point of departure, the tonal norm. This chord dominates the second movement, gradually forming the nucleus round which the piano weaves a decorated web. At this point the music moves with a slower rate of harmonic change than in the first movement, as the strings clothe the piano texture with an impressionistic shimmer formed by the identifying chord. After the pensive, introvert movement, the finale is direct and outward – looking . The piano interjections are brilliant in tone and touch, entirely secco without pedals , and rhythmically articulated with numerous cross accents.


First performance 26 September 1977   London   (South Bank)

by Yonty Solomon, Steinitz Bach Players, conducted by Paul Steinitz


Full score ISMN M 708045 19 9

Piano score ISMN M 708045 20 5

II Slow 9’ 50”
III Lively 6’ 55”
Malcolm Binns , BBC Northern SO, Bryden Thomson


We regret to advise that Francis Routh died peacefully on 27th November 2021
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